What are the different kinds of meditation 20 Different types of meditation

What is meditation? Meditation (Buddhahood) refers to the practice of observing and meditating on specific sensations within oneself, typically one’s body. As such it makes sense that a method used to investigate this very same phenomenon would involve examining all aspects at once–I, in turn, means “to touch”. Thus I will describe several ways to approach our own minds as we become increasingly aware with regard

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There are different kinds of Meditation:

  1. mindfulness meditation
  2. spiritual meditation
  3. focused meditation
  4. Body scan Meditation
  5. movement meditation
  6. Yoga Meditation
  7. mantra meditation
  8. transcendental meditation
  9. progressive relaxation
  10. loving-kindness meditation
  11. visualization meditation
  12. Zen Meditation
  13. Vipassana meditation
  14. Chakra meditation
  15. Third Eye Meditation
  16. Sound bath meditation
  17. Self-inquiry (I AM) Meditation
  18. Chinese Meditation Technique
  19. Guided Meditation
  20. Transcendental Meditation (TM)
different kind of meditation
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What are the different kind of meditation?

There are 20 types of meditation.
mindfulness meditation
spiritual meditation
focused meditation
Body scan Meditation
movement meditation
Yoga Meditation
mantra meditation
transcendental meditation
progressive relaxation
loving-kindness meditation
visualization meditation
Zen Meditation
Vipassana meditation
Chakra meditation
Third Eye Meditation
Sound bath meditation
Self-inquiry (I AM) Meditation
Chinese Meditation Technique
Guided Meditation
Transcendental Meditation (TM)

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